- Wandering Minstrels Adopted -
See you next year at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival

Falcon Ridge 2015 Recap

Well, you've done it again. You've spent another perfectly good weekend at the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival listening to music at The Budgiedome.

Thursday Night

Friday Night

Saturday Night

+2015 Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist ++2015 Most Wanted

Our hosts are Lori and Steve Martin.
Our music coordinators are Gordon Nash and Brianne Dougherty.
Our emcee is Paul Mischler.
Pistachios at the Budgiedome were provided by Greg Greenway's Nuts.
The Budgiedome's psychologist is Manny Luis Cruz.
Our bass amp advisors are Snap, Crackle, and Pop.
Our mosquito swatter is Heywood Jabuzzoff.
Our russian instrument transporter is Pikup Andropov.
And these jokes were inspired by or taken from Car Talk.
We'll see you in 2016!
Red Molly