The Budgiedome - Wandering Minstrels Adopted

Budgiedome Rules

Camp Supplies

  • Bring your own food and water. If you need or would like to use or consume something belonging to someone else, ask their permission. Do NOT rummage through other people's food or coolers!
  • The same goes for other personal-use items. We've all had health emergencies -- allergies or a headache or a cut that needs a bandage -- so it's fine to ask if someone has what you need if it's a one-time thing. But if there's something you're going to need or want repeatedly throughout the weekend, either bring it, or find a ride into Hillsdale and buy it
  • There is a supply of "common-use" items in the kitchen area where the Coleman stove and tables are set up -- plastic cutlery, paper cups and plates, sunscreen, a Coleman stove and cooking kit, dishwashing supplies, sunscreen, aspirin/Motrin, toilet paper, tissues, baby wipes. You may use anything in this area. Feel free to contribute to this communal stash!
  • Clean up after yourself -- cups and plates and snack wrappers left around the Budgiedome are unacceptable. There is always a large trash bag and a recycling box near the end of the tables in the "kitchen" area. If you use the cooking kit, please wash your dishes/utensils afterwards.


  • Bring your own seating, or sit on the ground. During the day there is usually seating to spare, but if the owner of a chair is present it's always nice to ask if you can use it. At night, once the mainstage ends and Budgiedome performances start, seating in the 'Dome can be limited. There is really no excuse for not bringing at least a "Crazy-Creek" style padded fabric folding chair. They are lightweight, inexpensive, double as tote bags for your gear, and are widely available at stores such as Target and K-Mart.
  • Do not sit on someone else's cooler unless they offer it.
  • The "air chair" (aka "bondage chair") belongs to Steve and Lori Martin -- you may enjoy it at times, but if they are around and looking for a seat, they expect to be able to use it. Also, mothers with babies always get first dibs on the air chair.


  • The issue of saving tarp space at the main stage is not specifically related to the Budgiedome, but it is a hot topic every year. People get up at the crack of dawn to take part in a land rush in order to set down their tarps for the day, so if you want a spot in the crowd for the big nights of music,make sure you either lay down a tarp yourself early in the day, or arrange beforehand with a friend to share their tarp. Do NOT count on just being able to squeeze in among friends at the last minute. At best you will annoy your friends, who put some forethought and effort into getting their space and don't want to be squooshed by poor-planning latecomers, and at worst you won't get anywhere near the stage that night.
  • If you are jamming, or otherwise creating music or performance, please be considerate of the neighbours as well as other Budgiedome users who may be resting, or enjoying the sounds from the main stage.'Dome jams may take place whenever mainstage is quiet -- i.e. anytime on Wednesday; Thursday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday mornings from 9 am until events start on mainstage; during dinner break; and after mainstage performances end at night. If you want to jam while the mainstage is active, please go away from the Budgiedome and other camps to a section where there are no tents -- the slope of the hill works well for this.
  • During Budgiedome jams please take turns, and if it's a sing-along choose material that more than a few people know.
  • Should pro musicians show up at times they have previously arranged to perform, they're the ones who get to play.

General Camp Life

  • Help with assembly and/or breakdown of the central camp. If you can stay late on Sunday, this is particularly helpful, and fun too.
  • If you use the Budgiedome shower, please help replenish our water supply from the water tanks. We use (clean) trash cans and buckets for this purpose. Sometimes we're lucky and can drive to the water tank and back, but if driving around the camp area is restricted we use a little red wagon and muscle.
  • Extra canisters of propane, as well as lanterns, and basic supplies like paper towels, plates, cups, baby wipes and t.p. are always appreciated. There is only so much we can haul in 1 minivan and 1 small station wagon.
  • Please do not drink to a high level of intoxication, or use any illegal drugs at the Budgiedome. We sometimes have minors and young children present, and we want things to be safe and enjoyable for them as well.
  • There is a tradition of graffiti-ing the Budgiedome tarp, both inside and out. We try to provide an assortment of permanent markers for this purpose (usually found in a cup in the kitchen area). If you decide to personalize the Dome walls with your artwork or signature, please try to make a thought-out contribution, and not just a misspelled barely-legible scribble.